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Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group is the statutory body responsible for commissioning local health services in Wigan.

This means that we have the job of assessing the health needs of the Wigan population, funding health services that meet those needs and monitoring the quality of the services that are delivered.

WBCCG is made up of all local GPs who bring their expertise, experience and local knowledge to the job of improving NHS services in Wigan.

Most of us at some stage in our lives experience stress affecting our mental health and this can make us feel very worried or low.

Some may see it as ‘part of life’, but others may lose the capacity to carry on in a “normal” manner. These emotional upheavals can develop into conditions such as depression and anxiety. A small minority could even suffer longer-term severe symptoms of other mental illness.

Positive mental health and wellbeing makes us resilient, helping us to ‘bounce back’ when trouble looms such as a bereavement, job loss or separation. Some people develop symptoms of mental ill-health for no apparent reason. Knowing which way to turn and where to get help is essential. Your Doctor or General Practitioner (GP) is a good source of knowledge and advice, however a list of helping agencies in the Ashton, Leigh and Wigan area can be found at the following web site:

Milder levels of anxiety and depression can often be managed with self-help interventions. Some activities and information can enable us to help manage feelings associated with mental ill-health. Evidence exists that changes in a person’s lifestyle can help common mental illnesses. Exercise can have beneficial effects on people’s mood and symptoms. Activities such as walking, cycling, gardening, arts groups and support groups can be of benefit.

Some people may need to access ‘therapy’ if self help alone is not enough. A number of therapies can be accessed, usually through your Doctor / GP. A commonly-used one is called cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT. This helps a person understand how their thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour can contribute to feeling unwell and helps people make small changes in each area to improve their wellbeing. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be undertaken either with a therapist through a psychological therapies service or through the use of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy using the internet.

The 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS foundation trust provide treatment, support and guidance for people affected by mental ill health and learning disabilities. They are here for people of all ages, living in the boroughs of Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan, and offer day care, in-patient care and community services.

We help the people in our community to enjoy positive mental health, and support those who are experiencing difficulties. With a team of dedicated and expert staff, and working closely with our local partners in each borough, we provide a better view on mental health.

‘Mental health’ covers a range of symptoms, conditions, thoughts and feelings, so we offer different types of care depending on individual needs. The first thing we always do though, is listen.

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The Sanctuary Wigan & Leigh, open 8pm – 6am every night

Wigan & Leigh residents, or those registered with a GP in the borough, can access the service by calling The Sanctuary on 01942 410522. Following a conversation with trained Sanctuary staff, people will then either be offered telephone support or they will be invited to come to The Sanctuary for one to one support.
5 Boroughs Partnership commissioned Self Help Services to run The Sanctuary from Patrick House in Leigh.


A Web-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Australian Primary Care Website, that aims to help people manage their illness using Cognitive Behavioural skills


‘LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL’ An English based web site helping people manage their problems using cognitive behavioural principles