Salford and Greater Manchester

SalfordCCGLogoIn April 2013, a new organisation called Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (Salford CCG) will take over from NHS Salford, the local Primary Care Trust. Salford CCG will be responsible for most healthcare services available to the people of Salford.

Every GP in Salford has agreed to join together and be part of Salford CCG. Each GP has signed up to take on an active role in making sure this organisation is a success; ensuring that Salford CCG commission high quality services that enable our population to live longer healthier lives.

Manchester has three Clinical Commissioning Groups covering Central, North and south Manchester and information can be accessed via the website below


Our mental health determines how we feel, how we react to events and how we cope with situations in our life. Poor mental health can make it hard to deal with everyday tasks and can be caused by a chronic condition/disorder or by exterior events in our life. It is therefore vital that we look after our mental health and seek help if we experience difficulties. There are several mental helath services avilable in Salford. Click the hotlink button on the right to be directed straight to the mental health section of the Salford council website or alternatively use the links below.
The link below will direct you to mental health information on the Salford council site: